10 things every young woman should know

1] Look after your body, you only have one:
Take care of your body because it is the only one you have and it sticks to you a life time. The lifestyle, choices you make even the food you eat and how well you exercise will affect you for the rest of your life and could even affect how long you live. Those choices will also affect how you look and feel, so don’t take your body for granted. Treat it right and take good care of it.

2] Pray often, it makes way for your plans to work:
Just when you think you have everything worked out, something will take you unawares and put all your plans into disarray. You do need to pray often and plan to get on in life, but you also need to be flexible enough to adapt those plans when circumstances change. No one can tell what the future holds, so be prepared for change, because it’s always just around the corner waiting to surprise you.

3] Avoid Gossiping it always backfires:
If you have nothing nice to say about someone, it is best to say nothing at all. The problem with gossiping is that it can hurt people more than you think and a rumour that you start could get out of all proportion. Remember, too, that you can never be sure what other people are saying about you.

4] Retain your independence:
Remember too that, even when you are in a great relationship, you are still an individual. Don’t simply forget about all your friends and, if you move in with a guy, keep your own bank account and have an exit plan! Love doesn’t always run true, so be prepared for every eventuality and always remember that you have a right to a life of your own

5] Learn to apologise:
Knowing when and how to apologise is another sign of a wise young lady. You won’t be right all the time and you will make mistakes, but so long as you are prepared to admit it when you wrong and say sorry, those errors of judgement won’t hold you back and you will always be able to heal the wounds that you may have caused people who you care about

6] Avoid being jealous of others:
Whether it’s you being jealous of a colleague at work, being jealous of a sibling, or being an over possessive girlfriend, jealousy will never achieve anything. It will only eat you up and make you bitter. If someone succeeds where you have failed, congratulate them and wish them all the best. Focus all your energy on being the best person that you can be and not on worrying so much about what other people are doing.

7] It cost you nothing to have manners:
Some of the best advice is the oldest in the world, and remembering to say “please and
thank you” will get you a lot further than you think. However busy you are or however much you have on your mind, never forget how common courtesy and respect for other people makes the difference between a real young lady and just another rude and thoughtless person.

8]Know how to dress appropriately: we all have the right to be individual and to dress however we like, but don’t let the way that you dress be something that offends other people or casts you in a bad light. Like it or not, people do judge you on the way that you dress and there are certain situations where how your dress will affect how people treat you and how well you get on in life.

9] Learn how to respond to criticism:
Learning how to accept constructive criticism rather than instinctively rejecting it is another good trait in a young lady. When criticism is unfair, you should be able to stand your ground and argue your case, but when criticism is justified, you should also be able to accept it with grace and learn from it. More often than not, people who criticise you are only trying to help. So don’t always take it as a personal attack on you.

10] Finally you might experience heartbreak.
Sorry ladies, but it will come! Very few people stay with their childhood sweethearts forever and that means that they must go through at least one breakup in their lives. That’s no bad thing though, because most people would agree that you need to have a number of relationships with different types of guys before you find what you really want. Unfortunately, that’s little comfort when you’ve just been let down, but you will survive, and you will find the right man eventually.

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