8 Reasons Why Your Relationship Doesn’t Last

The truth is that we all want to meet and settle down with the right person and most of us want such a relationship to last. At the same time, the majority of romantic partnerships end in dissolution.
Below are ten reasons why relationships fail.

The list of reasons below is not meant to be comprehensive. They simply represent some of the most common and damaging factors behind relational dissolution

1] Tiny things annoy you:

Especially if they mean to be nice but just end up annoying you anyway. Like they offer to wash the dishes, but do it all wrong, and you get mad instead of laughing off the mistake. There’s something deeper happening here that has nothing to do with forks and knives, and you should take a moment to evaluate the issue, I mean find out what’s wrong


2] You don’t trust your partner:

Feeling like your anxiety is on the rise if you don’t hear from your partner all day? Questioning whether or not they’re kicking it with someone else? Not loving the way they put their arm around your mutual friend? This lack of trust will quickly break down a relationship, lead to conflict and ultimately weigh on your self-esteem.


3] You’re trying to change each other:

People can change, but it takes time, and it doesn’t work if someone is trying to force it. If you catch yourself thinking, This person would be perfect if only I [insert thing here] , you’re probably less happy than you think you are.


4] Your partner doesn’t include you in future plans:

If you’re in a relationship and you can’t get the person to plan past 48 hours, it’s a sign they’re not invested in the long haul. Last-minute dates and spontaneous activities are fun in the beginning, but as life progresses, missing your favorite artist because your partner doesn’t know what they will be doing in 30 days becomes a problem. What you should read from that is, “They don’t know if they will be doing things with me in 30 days.”


5] Hanging out just feels like an obligation:

It’s nice to have an outgoing person to share meals with and be lazy with when you have no energy but need human contact. But if you’re only hanging out with the person you’ve committed to dating out of obligation or as a default “I’m bored, let’s hang-out
” situation, where’s the fun in that? No spark! No sizzle!


6] Your partner treats others poorly:

In a new relationship, everyone is going to be on their very best behavior, which means that you should really pay attention to how your partner treats not just you, but those around him or her — because chances are that’s how they’ll treat you one day, too.
“Early in a relationship, people treat their partners great, because both parties are in love,” David Bennett, Certified Counselor, Relationship Expert says “However, look at how your partner treats others — their family, friends, and particularly service staff, like cashiers and waiters. Eventually, when the love fades, they’ll treat you this way, guaranteed.”

7] you’re still stock on an ex:

It should go without saying, but if your new partner seems to still be stuck on an ex — even if all they do is talk badly about him or her — that’s a major red flag that they aren’t interested in or ready for a long-term future with you.
“Stalking their ex on social media? Getting caught up in drama with the ex? Maybe even daydreaming about them? These are all very bad signs,” Bennett says. “This means that their heart truly belongs to their ex. If this is the case, all it will take is one instance where the ex is extra ‘nice’ or comes back to end the relationship.”

If you’re sensitive enough to notice any early red flags that your new partner shows of. There’s no reason why you won’t have a happy, successful relationship — even if you have to dump a few duds along the way.

8] You accept their faults, but they don’t accept yours:

The longer you’re with someone, the better you’ll get to know the ‘real’ them — which includes getting acquainted with each other’s faults and quirks. If your new partner has an issue with some of your less-than-perfect qualities, but expects you to totally accept them with no questions asked, that doesn’t bode well for your romantic future together.
“If the other person expects you to be forgiving and accepting of their faults but they are not forgiving or accepting of yours, this is not reasonable,” “No one is perfect, and we all have faults that need to be accepted. If you are going to be there for them, they need to be there for you as well.”

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