Alabama Senate Passes Law To Bans Abortion

The Alabama Senate has passed a restrictive abortion bill in the United States, which places a near-total ban on the termination of pregnancy.

News reports that the bill places the ban even in cases of rape and incest and could punish doctors who perform the procedure with life imprisonment.

The text passed by the Republican-led Senate has been sent to Governor Kay Ivey’s desk for signature into law.

While reacting to the bill, the largest human rights defence organisation in the United States, the ACLU, promised to file a lawsuit to block its implementation, saying the vote showed “how little they (conservative lawmakers) regard bodily autonomy”.

“This bill punishes victims of rape and incest by further taking away control over their own bodies and forcing them to give birth,” it added.

Aparent displeased with the latest development regarding the bill, the National Organization for Women in a similar vein, called the bill “unconstitutional” and said its passage would “send women in the state back to the dark days of policymakers having control over their bodies, health, and lives.”

Alabama Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth, who also presides over the state senate, greeted the bill’s passage as a “strong step toward defending the rights of the unborn.”

“With liberal states approving radical late-term and post-birth abortions, Roe must be challenged, and I am proud that Alabama is leading the way,” he added

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