The new international Webster’s encyclopaedic dictionary of the English language defines voice as the power, faculty or sound of vocal utterance or speech.

It is the expression of thought, feelings, wish, opinion, choice, preference or judgement.

We live in a time when a lot of people seem to have lost their voices. To most, it feels trendy and easier to express the voice of the sound around them; such voices as violence, corruption, hate, vanity, legalism, materialism, egotism, self assertion, self conceit and self consciousness.

Such negative voices have been amplified by one of man’s greatest tool of the century; social media.

Could it be that the change we so desire eludes us because we have lost our voice? Well, we cannot continue to allow this happen, it’s high time we found our voices by first finding the voice of our manufacturer; Jesus the Christ. Only then can we find ours and inspire others to find theirs.


Everyone must search within themselves for their inner voice which points them in the direction of their purpose.

Like a great tree that starts as a seed, what starts as an idea if pondered on becomes a thought, if the thought stays long enough and is processed, it becomes our voice.

Let us focus on the process that that little idea of yours has to go through to become a voice.

The process of finding your voice involves developing your major intelligences which include;
1. Physical Intelligence
2. Mental Intelligence
3. Emotional Intelligence
4. Social Intelligence
5. Spiritual Intelligence
6. Financial Intelligence

If all 5 are mastered, there is no limit to what you can achieve.
Most people have found their purpose in life but they still remain mediocre, neither making impact nor money. This leads to frustration in the long run.

Finding your purpose is the start of becoming great in life but we must not stop there. We must go through the process of developing our major intelligences.

Most people only develop their mental Intelligence, so we find intellectuals who barely know how to make things work in business. The way out is to master other intelligences. This makes for a complete person, who is not just an authority in a particular field but an all rounder.

Here is a brief description of all intelligences;

1. Physical Intelligence: our bodies work in an amazing way. If we can just observe how it works, it will stir us to great works. The best part we can play in making sure our physical Intelligence grows is to take care of our bodies. Like they say health is wealth. We must eat healthy, exercise and main general our well-being.

2. Mental Intelligence; this is where most of us focus our attention on, we all seem to know how it works. Reading, Studying and the like helps us develop our mental Intelligence.

3. Emotional Intelligence, focuses on how we feel with our selves and how it affects our relationship with others. This can be a bit tricky and most times we may need the help of a psychologist to help us grow emotionally.

4. Social Intelligence relates to how we deal with others especially in our social space which includes the home, the work place and other places where we meet people who may or may not share our opinions. How do we deal with difficult people and still achieve organisational goals. Being in the environment and mastering people helps us grow in social Intelligence.

5. Financial Intelligence relates to how we handle money. One of the most important reward for value is money. People make a lot of money and don’t know how to keep and grow it. Financial Education enhances our financial Intelligence as you know money is a defence and it answers all things. The earlier we know how it works, the better we will be in terms of achieving our goals.

6. Spiritual Intelligence; most people overlook this area but it is the most important of all intelligences. It involves our conscience, how we relate to people. Such areas as love and sacrifice fall under this category.

If all are mastered, we will be on our way to being great in life..

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