Heart broken man pens down an emotional note to his late fiancée.

I’m devastated. My heart is shattered to pieces. I’ve never felt so much pain for a loved one. Our goals, our plans, all gone. We promised to grow old together listening to ‘Rocking Chairs’. All the wedding songs we selected…I can’t bring myself to listen to them again.

You are the most understanding woman I’ve met. The most caring, the most loving. Your favourite words were “Andie, don’t worry, I’m fine”.

You have a soft, kind heart. Always cheerful, always looking for who to help. Your love was genuine. Your spirituality was top notch. Your love for Jehovah always amazed me. You touched a lot of lives positively.

I don’t want to ever love any woman again because no woman can ever measure up to your standards. Jehovah, please, all that I truly require is a releasing….I want us to wake up together in your new world of righteousness.

What shatters my heart is that you went through pain in the last hours of your life. You did not deserve this. Seeing you motionless is devastating. That memory will never leave my mind. You did not deserve to die. I would’ve given up my life for you….only you will believe this because you trusted me completely. You deserved life more than I ever would.
I promised you 2 things: To marry you in this life and the life that is to come. I’ve failed on one promise.

No one would send me letters again. No one would call me ‘Temi’, ‘Jasper’ and ‘Babe’. No one would listen to my advice as much as you did. No one would advise me again as much as you did.
I’ll wait until my relief/release comes. You died faithful to Jehovah. Jehovah will call you back to life and I’ll be there to welcome you…never to leave you again.
I slept on your bed last night and I felt peace. I could smell you in the room literally. I’ll tell you about it in the new world.

You are priceless my red coral. I thanked Jehovah everyday for you. You are the perfect gift. Nothing on earth can ever take your place in my heart.
You showed me your diary recently. You wrote a lot about me, about us, and our future. You called me your human diary…I’ll keep you safe in my heart. Jemy handed over the diary to me. I’ll continue from where you stopped and I will hand it over to you soon.

My heart is bleeding. I feel lifeless.
You made me a better person Nma. We both felt unworthy of each other’s love and that’s what made us closer to each other.

I love you Jade. I’ll always do Nkem. You are my best friend. You are my only true lover. You are my life! I can only pretend to live without you.

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