In recognition of a “GEM”

We want to use this medium as an opportunity to say thanks to this one in a million mother, sister, beloved and a God sent for being part of us in this great movement and touching of lives.

She’s an inspiration to everyone around her, and a blessing to the world. The original village woman no 1, a woman, a warrior, a champion of the common man,
(Mrs) Francesca Oluwakemi Amoje. Yours is victory ma, we’re with you and your decisions.

God has lifted you high and above all, the strength to carry the continent on your shoulder
We will celebrate this you soon with pounded yam, isi ewu, afang, edikang ikong, ikokore, gbegiri, kunun, tuwo shinkafa, suya, eran igbe, zobo, fura de nunu and okporoko or panla or stock fish. She is everything you want her to be: dedicated, diligent, dutiful, decorated, durable, dogged, daring, ready to live because she is ready to die.
Without much ado, give a standing ovation to the woman of timber and calibre

We admire your courage, contesting for the presidency seat which most women are afraid of or felt being limited from. Only a woman with enough courage could stand out to take it upon herself to restore back a broken nation like Nigeria and such woman is you

We are supporting you with prayers and every possible means to reach your dreams, cause we believe so much that your dreams will set the nations free. Not only Nigeria but Africa as a whole

Just a little time partnership with you has given us more than enough inspiration to write down a million and on one words about you, so we to you, ride on and soar like and eagle.

Not even the plot of any man can stop your shine nor bring you down God bless

(Mrs) Francesca Oluwakemi Amoje.

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