Lady quits her church after she was told to cover her haircut with a wig or hat

A Nigerian lady on Twitter, Adeola, took to the platform to share how the deacon of her church, upon seeing her haircut asked her to cover it either with a wig or a hat.

Adeola shared a photo of herself rocking the haircut which apparently was disdained by the deacon who had also seen the picture and so she asked that it’s all covered when she’s coming to church.

Adeola became somewhat insulted by this and so she decided that maybe she’ll find another church that can accommodate her haircut because she can’t change herself just because of a Church.

She shared the photo on her page and wrote,

Deacon in church saw my picture with the haircut and told me to wear wig or hat when coming to church.

Me: I’ll find another church that can accommodate my haircut!

I am who I am, you can’t change me

Happy Sunday o jare

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