Let pride give way for humility in your marriage

No(The Enes were a newly married couple. They had an elaborate wedding celebration and were excited about their new relationship status,but…)

Husband(walks into the kitchen):What are we having for lunch today?

Wife (rolls her eyes): What does it look like I’m preparing?

Husband(checks each pot in the kitchen): Oh! Rice and stew. The stew smells delicious. I do hope it tastes as nice as it smells.

Wife: You will just make do with whatever the outcome is.

*Husband*: Alright, I’ll be waiting at the dining.

*Wife*(stops him): Before you go. Pass me the biggest plate on the rack just behind you.

*Husband* (raises an eyebrow): Hey, do I look like your errand boy you order around?

*Wife*: I just wanted you to give me a little helping hand, that’s all.

*Husband*: That’s silly. Men don’t belong to the kitchen. My father never did such. I’m outta here.
(He leaves for the dining without passing the plate)

*Wife*(murmurs): He can’t give just a little assistance,but he knows how to open his mouth to eat.

(At the dining table. She brings the meal and serve it on the table,but the man notices the absence of something)
**Husband**:No water to drink?

*Wife*(frowns a little): The dispenser is at arms length to you and yes, there’s a cup there too. Fetch yourself some water.

*Husband*(shakes his head,while he reaches out for the water dispenser): How can you serve your husband food without water? It’s not proper.

*Wife*(hisses): And you want to lecture me on what is proper and not proper,right?

(He ignores her and settled down to eat the meal.
When he was done, he left his plates for her to clear up and made to get up)

And who’s going to clear the table,huh?! I will be leaving soon for the salon.

*Husband*shrugs): But, it’s your duty to that.

*Wife* : Says who? Did you see me eat my food on the table with you?

( She hisses and walks out of the house. He clears the table taking to heart that a visitor might come in and get upset with the sight)

*Husband*(phone rings after an hour): Hello?…Yes?… You want me to what?… No way, you’ll have to do that yourself… (hangs up) What does this woman take me for?

*Wife*(steps into the living room to see him fast asleep on a couch, she wakes him up): You know you’ve been home all day. I told you to help me get meat at the market because I was low on cash and was still making my hair. If you had gotten the meat, I wouldn’t have stressed myself standing on the long queue for over an hour to just withdraw some cash and it’s almost night fall

*Husband*(stares briefly): Let me enjoy my sleep, will you?

*Wife*: Yes, sleep on like you’ve been doing all day.

(The next day, a middle aged man, a family friend paid this couple a visit)

*Daddy B*: My children, how are you both doing?

*Both*: We’re doing fine, sir

*Daddy B*(smiles): Obviously, I can see that

*Husband*(offers): What will you take sir? Wine or Soft drink?

*Daddy B*: Wine will be better.

*Husband*:Alright (To his wife) Go get a tumbler and fetch the wine from the bar.

*Wife*(frowns): You sure know where they are. I don’t drink wine,but you do. So, go fetch it.

*Husband*(visibly angry): Have you gone insane? In front of Daddy B?

(Daddy B was taken aback. He knew something was amiss from their conversation.)

*Daddy B*(cuts in): It’s okay. I can do without the wine.

*Husband*: No way. Not in my house you must have something. I really think you should talk to my wife, she’s very stubborn and refuses to do what I ask of her most times.

*Wife*: Daddy B, please pay no attention to him. Whenever I ask him to help me out in a little chores he refuses with an excuse that ‘he’s the man’ and men don’t do such jobs. I didn’t ask him to do everything, but a little help will do. The other time I almost missed the meat sellers because I didn’t have money on me. I told him to help me get some before I get home,but he refused. I stressed myself that day.

*Daddy B*(chuckles) Hmm, it’s glaring. You both are one hell of a proud couple and that’s your major problem and if you continue this way, you’ll definitely have a lot of issues in the nearest future. You both are still very young and it’s not too late to make amends.

To enjoy marriage and the love you both share, you must both be humble. Humility makes things work out smoothly in any relationship bound by love.

In marriage, you both should see yourself as one and helping each other out all the time won’t hurt at all.
All these, ‘its his duty’ and ‘its her duty’ phrases would only do harm to your relationship.
You’re expected to do everything together selflessly with love and with neither of you seeing it as a burden.

Learn to enjoy this journey of marriage together with humble hearts and you won’t regret anytime spent in doing any favor for yourselves. I hope I’m clear?

*Husband*(nods) Yes, sir
*Wife*: Yes, Daddy B

Life Lesson: How humble can we be in our marital lives? You should be as humble as a little child. Humility is necessary in marriages. Humility shouldn’t be expected of one out of the two partners in a relationship. Both of them should be humble! Pride will only cause havoc in the relationship between two partners. A husband should be humble to his wife and vice versa. It won’t take a single hair away from your body if you’re humble. Always remember that marriage is between just you and your partner and opinions coming outside your marriage on how to handle your partner. As long as both of you’re happy, no other person’s opinion counts!

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    Great post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Thanks!


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