My Appointment with Divine Destiny

This is the story of a man who has dedicated his life just to put smiles on the faces of others even in the saddest times. His story simply tells us that there are no limitations to things we want to achieve in life.

Today I want to share with you my appointment with divine destiny. Yes, I am talking about myself Segun Ogunyeye from the village Igogo Ekiti in Moba Local Govt Area of Ekiti State, Nigeria. My name is now Village Celebrity. I am sharing this with you, especially you, who for one reason or the other feel you are limited.

Limited either by birth, race, religion, lack of resources, evil spirit, your wife, your husband, your in-laws and outlaws or whatever. God places no limitation on His creations. The only limitation they experience is that which they place on themselves or allow others to place on them. In God’s scheme of things, there is nothing you cannot be, do or have as long as it is legal and will enhance the well-being of others. For the umpteenth time, Let me say it. I am the son of a wine tapping, squirrel chasing, rodent hunting father. He had two wives and my mother was not even one of the 2. This is a piece of information I was so embarrassed to admit. A piece of my history I wanted to erase.

Instead, I now embrace it. Hug it, kiss it, and feed it to the world. When I was growing up, I was told that I refused to accept geographical limitation. Usually in my native town, when you succeed in something, that something maybe as little as completing your chores, you will be hailed for accomplishing a mighty feat. And they will say you are the champion from…the name of a street, the son of a hero, or superman, incredible hulk, batman and Captain Igogo Ekiti (or Captain America!) rolled into one. But I was told that when they hailed me as the son of a particular street, strong person that I would vehemently refuse. And tell the praise singer to stop it! Because I am not just a son of the aforementioned streets, but that I am a citizen of the world! I can confirm to you that I have lived in 3 cities across 3 continents and I have been officially called the native of those 3 cities Another experience from my hometown days. In 1979, the Military Governor of Ondo State was wing commander Ita David Ikpeme. We bought an annual almanac (or calendar) of the executives of the state. I pointed to the Governor and said one day I would like to be like him.

Why? I love his Nigerian Air Force uniform. 1 year later, Airforce Military School Jos was founded. The competition to get an admission form was steep. And the competition to pass the entrance was a big challenge. And the 2- week interview that followed before 120 students were finally chosen and became the chosen one like Jose Mourinho. By the act of divine appointment with destiny, I got the form, passed the entrance exam and succeeded at the 2 week interview. In September of 1980 I was a Junior Airman wearing the same uniform I so much admired on my State Governor. I have many experiences from the hometown, but I will share just one more.

While growing up, we kids would raise our heads up to see air planes fly by as tiny like a flying bird, we knew what it was. I then would pray, while not having ridden in any decent car to that point, that one day I would be a passenger in one of those. For those who follow my movement on Facebook, you would have noticed that recently I was in Yale, Harvard and Albany. And my wife and I were recently in Hungary.

I only arrived a few days ago from Canada and I am writing this article from Sofia, Bulgaria. Thus the dream of travelling in air plane has been fulfilled many times over. Now I don’t remember dreaming back then in the village that one day I will be a millionaire. If I didn’t, that will be a disappointing, because if I dreamt it, it will come to pass. There are too many precedents in my life that confirm that I am blessed to succeed. Finally, I wasn’t particularly well liked as a youth, and I craved love. But later I became born again and God gave me Is 60:15 “Whereas thou hast been forsaken and hated, so that no man went through thee, I will make thee an eternal excellency, a joy of many generations.” The above scripture is the reason I launched my Comedy Career a couple of months ago and picked the Stage name Village Celebrity.

I cannot guarantee that I will make money doing it. But I guarantee you that if you meet me, you will laugh. You can bet your lunch with the saddest soul out there that if he or she meets the Village Celebrity, he or she will laugh. It’s what a senior Village Celebrity, Gbenga Adeboye referred to when he declared “Abinibi is different from ability.” Meaning, Inborn trait is superior to acquired trait. All this boasting is done in accordance with scripture: “He that boasts, should boast in the LORD!”

Right Now, our Village CelebRant Facebook Group has over 1.5 million members In conclusion, I was prompted to write this abridged autobiography so that certain people who think they are limited and cannot achieve their goals can rethink. If Igogo Ekiti Village Celebrity went from squirrel chasing apprenticeship to becoming known as he is today, you too have no excuse for not realizing your goals.

God is not partial. Get up. Get set. Get Going. You too have appointment with divine destiny. Starting on this good morning. On this lovely day!

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