Nigerian lady cries out after finding macaroni inside meat pie she bought

Nothing spells disappointment more than buying a snack or food item and anticipating relishing every bit of it as your system digests its nutrients and fortifies your body only to be left utterly heart broken.

A Nigerian lady identified as Onuorahebube on Twitter has experienced the worst kind of torture after purchasing a snack and waiting patiently to devour the golden brown meat pie, only to find the strangest food substance in it.

Like most would expect, a meat pie should contain beef and normally, is accompanied with carrots and mashed potatoes. For Onuorah however, instead of being greeted by a cluster of beef, vegetables and mashed potatoes, her meat pie was filled with macaroni, leaving her devastated.

The young lady shared photos of the macaroni pie on social media and pleaded for the services of a therapist after experiencing a new level of heart break and disappointment.


Asides finding the strange mix in a snack that should predominately contain beef, what is more worrisome the hygiene level of such road side snacks.

While local, road-side snacks are delicious, certain others such as pies and cakes are best purchased from a trusted merchant.

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