OAU students pour Sniper on each other’s face over accusation of infesting room with bedbugs

While one of the students poured the Sniper on her colleague’s face, the other targeted her opponent’s mouth.

Two students of Obafemi Awolowo University reportedly poured Sniper on each other’s face on Saturday, July 21, 2019.

The students, who reside in Mozambique Hall were said to have accused each other of infesting their room with bedbugs before the fight started.

The incident according to Punch caused panic among their fellow students as one of the fighting students poured the substance in the open mouth of the other.

A student, who spoke to Punch and does not want to be named said, “While one of the students poured the Sniper on her colleague’s face, the other targeted her opponent’s mouth.”

“We initially thought they were joking. All of a sudden, one of them poured Sniper on the other.

“We all shouted that it was unfair to do that but she said she was trying to kill bedbugs. The other one didn’t take it lightly; she started shouting and attempted to retaliate but we blocked her. We later reported the case to the hall warden and the case was resolved.

“When we got to the hostel, she started feeling pains and she suddenly took the Sniper and poured it on her opponent’s body too. One of us rushed to the school porter and she made calls. The two of them were then taken to the health centre.”

Reacting to the incident, OAU Public Relations Officer, Mr. Abiodun Olanrewaju, said a disagreement between two students led to the incident, Punch reports.

Abiodun said the matter has been resolved adding that the students have been treated at the university health centre.

“One of them wanted to use it (Sniper), the other disagreed. That was the genesis of the matter.

“It was a minor disagreement involving two students over the use of Sniper. It has been resolved. The two students were treated at our health centre here.

“Right now, I’m in Mozambique Hall. The matter has been resolved. No casualty at all.”

The students are said to be in their first year at the university.

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