Opinion (a seductive weapon)

A man wanted to get engaged in farming. He wanted to be a rice crop farmer, but he wasn’t sure if it was a good idea.

So he sought for people’s advice. The first man he met advised him to grow legumes instead of rice that it’s in higher demand within their community much more than rice.

So the farmer started cultivating legumes to be ready for sale. Time to harvest the legumes came and the farmer got it ready for market sales.

After weeks passed into months, the farmer had very poor sales and he made no profit. He felt bad and met another man who advised him to leave crop production and focus on livestock farming.

The farmer did as advised and started a poultry where he raised turkeys, fowls, geese, and other poultry birds.
In a month’s time, there was an outbreak of bird flu and it wiped away his birds one after the other, until there was none left.

The farmer got saddened by his losses and went to meet another friend for an advice. He was advised to do mixed farming, so that he won’t lose from both his crops and livestock. He was told to plant maize and rear cows as well.
He thought of it as a great idea
and decided to do as advised.
He expanded his farmland and became a cattle rearer as well as a maize farmer.

His maize had barely two months to be ready for harvest when his cows began to graze on them at night, while he was asleep. Eating up some maize and trampling on the others.

The farmer woke up to the bizarre look on his farm. He immediately had an heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital for medical attention. He was revived successfully and he was visited by an old man, a close relative.

The farmer sobbed as he narrated his ordeal he has passed through in his farming business. The old man said to him, “What was the first farming business you thought of embarking on?”
“Rice farming,” he replied.
“Then why didn’t you even venture into it?,” he asked further.
“I felt my idea wasn’t good enough, so I had to sought for other people’s view,”he replied.
“And what have other people’s view done to you so far?,”the old man asked. The farmer remained silent.

Life lesson: Too many cooks spoil the broth. Don’t wait for a lot of people to detect what you should do with your life or alter your decisions for you. If you have an idea, go for it, it might just be the one thing you need to be successful.
If your ideas don’t work for you, then you can accommodate other people’s opinion.


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