Patience is the real test of love


Mr Ayeni, a senior management staff at an insurance firm had a taste of bad luck when he was almost close to the peak of his career.

Coincidentally and unfortunately for him, he lost 4.5 million naira to con men who posed themselves to be reliable business men and they cajoled him to invest in their business. Mr Ayeni wasn’t known to be a gullible man, but these men were very good at their game, they probably are the best at it.

Their ‘sugar-coated’ tongues were out of this world. On the other hand, later that week he was relieved of his job because of some fraudulent activities done at his office and he was accused to be responsible for such. He was thrown out without being paid his two month salaries and his allowances.

The world seemed to be crumbling down on his shoulders. He faced two grievous losses in a week!

He used the little money left in his bank account to provide for his family. His wife, Jumoke was a full-time housewife because he insisted.

He didn’t want her to go through the stress of hustling. But, he soon regretted his decision. Only if he had seen this coming— he lamented.
He used his last source of cash to stuck the house with food items and for his twins, Taiwo and Kehinde, tuition fees.

After two months, the money got exhausted. Jumoke began to complain about the unavailability of some vital items in the house. She was already used to being presented with all she needed at will. The reality of her family getting poor as each day passes dawned on her.

The situation was gradually becoming unbearable for her.

Whenever she goes to the market, she ends up not buying all the items she wrote down on her list because she had to conserve the money she had with her. She would at times see a beautiful fabric she admired on other women a lot in the market, but the prices scared her away.

As time went on, she began to nag at the slightest provocation from her husband. He became worried at her change in attitude. He wished he could go back to the good old days when he had surplus amount of money he used to spoil her plenty and made her blush every now and then.

He badly wanted his ‘former’ Jumoke back. He couldn’t understand this ‘brand new’ Jumoke.

Two months extra went by, this time around Jumoke had turned into a bitter woman. Nothing seem to interest her any longer. She was a completely changed woman.

She was deep in thought at the middle of the night one day, she tapped hard on her husband whose snore was beginning to irritate her.
He opened his eyes slowly and spoke,“Jummy,( as he fondly called her) what’s the matter?”
“Get up I need to discuss something very important with you,”she demanded.

“Can’t it wait till daybreak?” he asked.
“No, we’ve to talk now,”she insisted.
“Go on, I’m all ears,” he said.
“This suffering is getting unbearable for me and the children. So, I’ve decided to leave with the kids. I can’t continue like this. I will leave tomorrow, ”she informed.

His eyes got widened, sleep eluded him as soon as she spoke.

“But, Jummy. You know you can’t do that. You can’t leave me here all alone and not at this time I need you most. Please, be patient with me. I’ll definitely get back on my feet. All I need is your support and prayers,” he pleaded.

“I can’t do this any longer. I can’t go on like this in penury. I deserve something better,”she replied.

“But dear, you know that marriage is for better for worse. You were with me when things were better, now that it’s the other way round you want to leave me all alone like this. It’s not fair. Remember we’re one now and we’re in this together, ”he tried his best to change her decision.

“I’m not in for the worse side of marriage. When you’ve a better means of taking care of your family then call me back. Good night!,”she said and retired for bed.

Early the next day, Jumoke packed up her clothes and that of the children then left the house paying deaf ears to Mr Ayeni pleas.

Mr Ayeni brooded over the loss of his wife and children daily. He hoped that Jumoke will think things through and come back to him, but ‘if wishes were horses, beggars will ride on it’.

Days turned into weeks,then months, but there was no sign of Jumoke or the kids. Mr Ayeni lost hope on seeing his wife again. He accepted fate like that as he thought that was destiny.

He was taking a walk on a breezy Saturday evening when a call came in through for him. He was called to resume work at the insurance firm, the assistant manager pleaded with him to forgive their misjudgment and return.

The real criminals had been caught at the company and they are to face charges at the court.

He was so excited to hear such news. He felt like a huge burden have been removed away from him.

Jumoke heard the good news from neighbours and decided to return to Mr Ayeni with the children.

When he saw her approach him, he hurried off to catch up with them. He was thankful his family was back. He missed them a great deal.

Jumoke began to sob and plead for mercy, he embraced her smiling and said to her,

“My dear, you’re forgiven. I felt really bad when you left. I thought your shoulders would always be available for me to lie on for comfort, but I was wrong. I pleaded with you to be patient with me, but you refused. Nothing of discomfort is permanent in this life, all we need is a little bit of patience. ”

Life Lesson: True love is patient. Patience is not easy to sustain especially when situations become rough and life gets tougher, but in all, it’s required if you truly love your partner. Have you ever wondered why God is patient with us even when we go astray or we disregard Him? The answer is simple;it’s because He loves us. Be patient enough to hope and wait for a better tomorrow. Be patient enough to cross hurdles together with your partner as you prepare for your unseen success coming your way.

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