Stupid Things Most Ladies Do In Relationships

Most ladies seems desperate when it comes to relationship matters and they are ready to go any any length just to keep their man, some of these actions are can even harm to the society

Here are some of them:

1) Using pregnancy to trap a man

2) Dating and staying with a man who beat them

3) Fighting a fellow lady because of a man

4) Exchanging naked pictures with a guy

5) Living together in a room with a guy who has not married them or paid their bride price

6) Using their boyfriend’s pictures as their Facebook profile picture/ Whatsapp DP

7) Wearing the engagement ring of a man who doesn’t know their parents or any of their relations

8) Regularly cleaning the house, cooking, and washing the clothes of a man who hasn’t married them or once seen their parents

I must have step on toes with this post


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