The 5 set of meals you should not miss

The Must-Eat meals In South South/South East region of Nigeria.
These are the set of food you need to try.

This article is not about the best Food in the country. The word “best” is subjective and essentially meaningless.

Must-eat is something different. It has the same meaning to everyone with good taste. It means that when you’re in one of these region, you have to eat it at least once. And heck, it might also be the best food you ever eaten. But you’ll have to figure that out for yourself.

If the meals below are extra recognizable to you, congrats! You have great taste. Here are the must-eat meals in South South/South East region


This is basically native to the Efiks (Cross River and Akwa Ibom) and its a mouth watering delicacy you should not miss



This is the native to the Igbo people and has an irresistible great taste


This one is expensive and time consuming especially when you want to make it real and its special to the people of Abia and Imo a




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