The Erroneous Belief And Traditional Myth Of Ladies Not Asking Men Out

There was this friend of mine he was a ladies man back then ..very jovial brilliant and motivational …then suddenly his wedding invitation card came out and then there was war amongst the babes ..

The truth was that he didn’t toast or ask out these ladies …they loved him from afar of hoping he would come for them
He didn’t even know some of them nor was he in talking terms with many of them …but yet because of his words his jokes and his deep inspirational speeches they loved him from afar of .
Many had been praying mentioning his name to God disturbing his soul and night rest ..his soul had been restless for many months and years …but then his wedding invitation took them by surprise ..a very big shock …
The worst part is that some even went ahead to find out who the bride was and searched out her phone number called her and blasted her asking her who she was and what she used on him …a lady none of them had ever knew ..

The guy was shocked to have gotten feed back from his bride to be who lamented how painful and insulting …and if not that she trusted him and knew him so well she would have thought he dated or slept with them all because why the vehement audacity to come and challenge her over matters she knew nothing about ?

But the guy swore to his bride that he doesn’t even know them ..they were just ladies in church and office colleagues and ladies around who hear him speak and teach ..he swore not to have ever spoken to them personally in the aspect of love …and some not even spoken to at all …and that it was strange why they had loved him or fallen Inlove with him from afar …

1 …You are a lady …you see a man …
2 …You fall inlove with me from afar
3 … Without his knowledge you store strong feelings in your heart for him and start dying for him in secret
4 …You go to extent of fasting and praying mentioning his name disturbing his soul and spirit in the spirit realm asking God to make him your husband
5 ..Every church service or crusade you open his Facebook profile picture and enlarge his photo on your phone screen and lift up you phone with his emboldened photo as if u are holding his photograph and u cry like a new born baby to God ..scabasshing your life out in other tongues
6 .. You take further steps to sow seeds of faith to his name at each prayer point
7 …he walks past you ..and not a good morning…not a single hello …yet you love him madly like no mans business and he doesn’t even have an idea that u exist
8 ..His wedding invitation card comes out and you are crazy sick and loose appetite and live as of a snail in a shell …

Now who is the fool ? You or him ?

There is this myth …a myth is a belief sown into ones heart which necessarily may have little or no connection with reality or with the truth
This myth has become a strong hold and the myth has destroyed many peoples psyche much that millions of hearts have been broken …many made miserable and many even attempt of commit suicide …and the largest of this myth casualty are women …

The myth simply is that …Women shouldn’t ask a man out and that it is a taboo …
This myth has also destroyed the men folk psyche who now feel unnecessarily important when a lady comes to toast or ask them out ..the men see it as a very big deal ..and most times rather than show appreciation love respect and adoration they see the woman as being cheap easy lay good for nothing …no home training ..desperate ..

This teaching of the myth is not from God …I stand to be challenged any day any time … No where in the bible from Genesis to Revelations which I have read twice and I am still reading did God say ..a woman must not talk to a man first …

I have heard some preachers who say ..Oh God made Adam first before Eve and he was the one who called her Woman and he said this is the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh …and as such are the ones to toast first

That’s is absolute rubbish …That wasn’t an act of toasting was mere declaration of purpose as Eve came to change the course of Adams destiny since Adam lived with animals …

Society forces certain rules and values down our throat which are not biblical ..and it had become strong holds for many centuries across many generations and tribes …

It is a societal standard …man made ..which is not biblical for a woman to die with her feelings for a man rather than go to him express her self and be free …
Unfortunately the same societal standard has made the man unnecessarily proud and pompous against such women who do come seeing them as desperate …

The same society believed twins were evil and killed twins until Mary Slessor came and now we all fast and pray for twins

Same society now his forcing gay marriage beliefs down our throats and many have accepted it …don’t u know that if and when u use the rainbow back ground colors for your posts on Facebook you are actually promoting gay marriage ?
The first time the rainbow ever appeared was when God had s covenant with Noah after the flood …for gay community to now pick the rainbow and use as logo is a slap on the covenant God used the rainbow as symbol with a covenant with Noah …saying …I will not destroy the earth with flood again but will make sure we have dry season wet season seed time and harvest time winter and summer …shall not cease ..

Wish we had a world counsel where many wrong beliefs sank into our hearts can be reviewed and reversed …
An example is the white church wedding …
Another is courtship …Courtship is man made it is not biblical …that’s another topic for some day .. Courtship has done more harm than good making a man or even woman court you for up to 5 years and dump you …and you are left with wasted years

God permitted the daughters of Zelophehad to marry whoever they chose to marry ..They were 5 sisters in number who went and challenged God and Moses over their fathers inheritance …
Women by law were not allowed to inherit those days but their father had no sons and so they knew their fathers inheritance might be given to strangers who weren’t of their family and so they went to Moses with a fight ..
Moses sought God and God reversed the law and these 5 daughters changed that rule ..

So any rule even against women can be changed …
After God changed the rule He also added ….let these daughters marry whoever they themselves have chosen …
In other words they have rights to toast whoever they want ..

But your pastor will not read his bible to this level neither will he or even she teach u this …

Numbers 36:5 And Moses commanded the children of Israel according to the word of the LORD, saying, The tribe of the sons of Joseph hath said well.
Numbers 36:6 This is the thing which the LORD doth command concerning the daughters of Zelophehad, saying, Let them marry to whom they think best; only to the family of the tribe of their father shall they marry.

Also Ruth’s Mother inlaw …told her daughter …

Ruth 3:3 Wash thyself therefore, and anoint thee, and put thy raiment upon thee, and get thee down to the floor: but make not thyself known unto the man, until he shall have done eating and drinking.
Ruth 3:4 And it shall be, when he lieth down, that thou shalt mark the place where he shall lie, and thou shalt go in, and uncover his feet, and lay thee down; and he will tell thee what thou shalt do.

It was easy for Boaz not to behave like many men of today since there was no myth to destroy his brain …some men of today would ..

1 …see Ruth as desperate
2 …see this as opportunity to rape or sleep with Ruth
3 …May never love Ruth back
4 …Make Ruth a sex slave ..then dump her later
5 …May never marry Ruth after using her ..

But no rather Boaz ..

1 ..Respected and honored Ruth
2 ..even when covered together he never attempted to sleep with her
3 ..He didn’t see her as easy lay or desperate..
4 ..He suggested to do the right thing …..get married ..

Why am I writing this ? Yes it’s so unfortunate …same myth has made men proud and pompous …societal mind control and mind poisoning …the result is …many hurting women…hurting and loving from afar …not being able to come forth and express self …dying in silence …looking haggard..wretched unkept …miserable….praying in Vain with no result …depression and in some cases suicide ..

It is sad …what is the solution ….it’s hard …God help such women in such situation …

……If u like a man and u know he may be Gods will for u ..u may be careful not to go out rightly since his brains had been damaged by society to see u as desperate jobless and cheap to lay …but u may buy him strange gifts ..if he has sense he will be conquered …strange gifts such as …a packet of white handkerchiefs and a small white Bible …….

There other many strange gifts that convey deep messages …if he has sense he would understand and by such gifts he won’t see u cheap or easy lay …fear will grip his heart …better than u die in untold agony loving from afar in vain while another woman takes him over to the detriment of ur heart and true feelings

Guess to be on a safer side was why you are advised to speak to your pastor first before going to him …that is how bad the society has damaged the man against the woman …not his fault ..the society made him so and destroyed him ….yet we still have a few good men ..
Boaz was not damaged hence his positive response and not reaction …Being responsive is different from being reactive ..


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