The Festac I Used To Know

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful town called Festac.

It’s roads were straight without potholes and no one drove like a maniac.
The air was fresh and o, the beauty of the parks, fields and gardens.

It was filled with fathers who took responsibility for their children
And mothers who made huge sacrifices without yielding

The Festac I used to know, children had their parents as their glory
And parents never hesitate to tell their stories
Everyone lived in peace and Harmony.
Yes there was enough of fun even for those whom didn’t have money

I grew up in that beautiful town.
Where I met series of friends, even met some clowns.
Everything was pretty cool growing up. I loved the parks on every stop.

There were swings and merry go rounds, and the ice cream man journeyed around.
when we heard the bell of his bicycle, we dashed out with our coins to get a hold of our cones.

Our neighbors were our parents, they seemed to watch our every move
They reported our escapades just to see us improve.
They even punished us when we went wrong, and fed us when our parents had gone to work.

One day, one of those mummy’s friend types of parents said ” I saw your daughter in 111 road, meanwhile my house was at 24 road, how did I get there, it was simple, I trekked, after all there were no gates in festac, everywhere led to some where. Oh! the trouble I got into when my mum said “my friend said she saw you in 111”. We were always watched lol!

School was fun, we had good teachers.
Friends were also great and our books had stickers
We had great learning experiences.
Life looked good, felt good with great conveniences

But one day something happened on the line. The soul of Festac was sold out and with the passing of time
My once beautiful Festac became dark.
It became a shadow of what was once the city of light.

The youths and women seemed to be the major target, and it kept going down like a water down the faucet.
It was once cool for boys and girls to play together in the lovely parks without any care in the world and women to enjoy building up their family lives.

They had good friends who they could share with and pray with, knowing their secrets were safe but all that changed.

The order of the day became robbery, murder, rape, kidnapping, 419, promiscuity and idolatry to mention a few vices. As the years went by poverty, sickness, illteracy and madness became the norm.

Things grew worse by the day, but God has a plan was to restore things to perfection in Festac and beyond; to make the youths find their purpose, live it and impact humanity.

He needs people , yes youths to get the job done. It is time for every festac youth to Arise and fix things starting from Festac town to the country of Nigeria and the continent of Africa as a whole.

– Josephine Oghenekevbe Ogufere

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