The Friends We Trust

They have been courting for over seven years now and Elvis felt that it was high time he tied the knot with his fiancée, Lily. Their wedding was set for December, which was three months away.

Lily’s closest friend and flat mate, Lucy went everywhere with her to purchase accessories and get the necessary services ready for the forthcoming ceremony.

  1. Lily once said to Lucy on their way to purchase an item. “My dear, I’m so happy about my wedding. I can’t wait to be Elvis’s wife. It’s been a long while now, I thought he would never get married to me.”
    “C’mon girlfriend, Elvis is a very nice man and I know he loves you so much. I’m pretty sure he’s as excited as you are,”Lucy replied.

“I guess you’re right. By the way, I would like to see mum today. Would you come along with me? I’m sure she would be excited to see you,”Lily suggested.
“Sure. It’s been a while I saw her,” she agreed.

They got to Lily’s home. Her mother welcomed them warmly and they spoke at length about the preparation.

After talking for a while, both friends wanted to take their leave. Lily’s mother decided to have a private conversation with her daughter.
She began,“My daughter, I’m so happy for you and I look forward to your wedding day. But tell me, are you sure there’s no problem somewhere? It’s better we get it fixed now to avoid any problem on that day.”
“There’s no problem, mum. It’s just that Clara have been threatening Elvis for sometime now. She’s bitter Elvis chose me over her. But, we made sure she’s not aware of the wedding preparation,”she replied.

“Clara? When was the last time you both heard from her?” her mother asked.

“Well, she called Elvis earlier this year with her usual threat, but since then we haven’t heard from her,”Lily explained.

“I suggest you both don’t let her know about this wedding. All I want for you is your happiness. I would be praying for you, dear. You can go now so I don’t keep Lucy waiting,” she advised.
“Alright, mum. I will see you soon,”she replied.

The wedding day finally came. Lily was so anxious and excited. She had cold feet throughout that week. The day she had always waited for was here. She was in the hotel room, her fiancé had booked down with few other ladies too. Her friend, Lucy walked into the room with a box which contained Lily’s wedding dress.

“It just got delivered now. A cab driver brought it here,” she said as she laid the box on the bed where Lily and other ladies sat. “Thank goodness it arrived on time,”Lily said gratefully. A call came in for Lily and the caller said,“Madam, please don’t be offended, the cake might come in a little later than the proposed time.” “It’s okay, just make sure it gets to the hall as soon as you can,” she replied.

Her make-up artiste suggested that she wears her wedding gown before she applies make-up on her face. Lily agreed and hurriedly brought out the dress from the box, to everyone’s dismay, the dress was shredded into three different pieces! Lily couldn’t believe her eyes, she was short of words, so was everyone present in that room. “My wedding dress!,”she exclaimed. “My goodness! What’s the meaning of this? How can Goldsic collections do this? There must be a mix up somewhere?,”Lucy said. Lily began to develop a sudden headache, the other ladies in the room rushed to her to comfort her. Lucy said to her, “Lily dear, I’ll contact them straightaway. So they can do something about it. I will be right back.”

Another petite-looking lady rushed into the room to room and said,“Lily! Lily! Please, I need you to be calm. I’ve got some news.” Lily stared at her with tears still rolling down her eyes. “What’s it?,” another lady in the room asked disturbed. “I called the caterer just now and asked her if her company have started transporting the food down here and she was like she was informed by someone that you asked the person to tell her that the wedding was fixed for next weekend, so she prepared no food!”. Lily collapsed at the news.

A doctor was quickly sent for to attend to her. Elvis was in panic when he heard about her collapse, he rushed to her room with few of her groom’s men. The doctor revived her as soon as he could. Elvis held firmly to her hands and whispered, “Sweetheart, please be strong for us. We would go on with our wedding today. I know Clara is behind this mischief.” “But, why does she hate us so much?How did she find out about the wedding? We were so careful about this. How can we go on with this wedding, the embarrassment and shame is what I can’t face today. Our guests will be disappointed,”she said in between tears. “Hold on first, the caterer said that someone called to inform her that the wedding day was postponed till next week,”Elvis said thoughtfully. “Yes!,” the petite lady confirmed. “Gosh! How far could Clara go? To think that I would have married a woman as mean as she is the silliest thought she had ever had! I hate her with passion!”he said biting his lower lip in rage.

A dark-skinned lady dressed in a purple- flowing gown walked into the room with an air of confidence around her. She caught everyone’s attention in the room. “Clara!,” Elvis exclaimed in surprise and rage when he recognised the intruder. Lily quickly sat up on the bed when she recognised her. “What are you doing here? You despicable demon!,” he said as he rushed at her and held her by her neck. The grooms men held him back as firmly as they could. “Let me go, Elvis. Let me go!” Clara pleaded. He withdrew his grip, fuming in anger.

“Look Elvis and Lily, I know I wasn’t invited to this occasion, but I had to come because I thought through everything and realised that no matter what I did, Elvis still chose Lily over me. I was tired of being frustrated of Elvis’s lack of love towards me and that’s when I started threatening him.

But I met a nice man who eased the anger and pain away from my heart and filled me with love and we got engaged early this week. I’m here to tell you both that I’m sorry for the threats these past years and I’m in total support of your marriage and let love lead,” she explained. “All these are irrelevant, Clara. You’ve destroyed my wedding!, ”Lily yelled from her corner. “Destroyed your?… I don’t understand, ”Clara said in uttermost confusion.

“Oh, please quit this whole drama, Clara. You destroyed my fiancée ’s wedding dress and not to mention the stunt with the caterer!,”Elvis said.
“Oh, my! I did no such thing. You both have to believe me,”she pleaded her innocence.
Everyone stared at her in confusion.
“Then…then if you didn’t, who did?” Lily asked.
“I did!” someone said outside the room before walking in.
“Lucy!” both Elvis and Lily chorused. Everyone was thrown in awe.

“Yes, I did. I masterminded all the events playing out today. Don’t expect the DJ to be present either. I have paid him off to stay away. Lily I have always detested you from way back! You were always luckier than I ever was. You got everything you wanted in life. I was madly in love with Elvis, but you took him away from me and I’ve been burning in sadness ever since you both started courting. I swore that you both will never get married!” she confessed.

“Lucy! How could you do this to me? I took you like my blood sister. Only if I knew that you were nurturing such evil in your heart, I would have stay far far far away from you. Goodness!”Lily cried out.

“I hate you, Lily. I hate you, you deserve to be sad for the rest of your life!” Lucy said and walked away in anger.

Lily cried her hearts out…

Moral lesson: We can only pray to God to help us know the difference between our true friends and enemies. An adage thus says that,“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. We need to do this so as to curb and easily identity the evil plots of these people before they cause havoc in our lives.

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    I love it when people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up.


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