The lame (a story for self worth)

A lame young man who just finished from a tertiary institution went in search of a job.

He moved around with his crutches, but all the firms he went to refused to employ him because of his physical state of health despite his very good result.

In his bid of searching for a job, he came across an insurance firm where he submitted his resume to the company via their email as instructed.

He was shortlisted for an interview and he went for it. He met various other applicants there waiting. He also joined the queue and waited for his turn.

When it got to his turn, he moved into the room with his crutches handy hoping that he doesn’t get turned down.

He was presented with a seat before a man and a woman. He was asked rigorous questions and he answered all smartly. He gave satisfactory answers to all the questions asked and his resume was brilliant.
After a short while, the woman bent closer to the man next to her and whispered something which the man replied to with a nod.

Then the man spoke up, “You appear to be a very smart young man and almost the perfect candidate for this job, but we are sorry we can’t take you because you’re physically challenged.”

Those words pierced through his heart like a sharp knife. He moved out of the room highly disappointed and dejected.

He sat on one of the chairs just outside the firm beside a man in despair. A friend called him to know the outcome of the interview and he said, “I think my case is hopeless. I’ve been rejected again. I don’t think I fit into this system at all. I regret ever getting into that accident… ” and he spoke on and on.

The man who sat beside him listened to his conversation with rapt attention. Once, he was done with the conversation, the man beside him said in amazement.

“Wow, you’ve got such a great voice there. I work for a radio station down town and we’ve been looking for someone with a bold and clear voice as yours for the past two weeks” the man said.

“No way, I don’t think I’m qualified to get any employment there. I’m a lame man,”he responded.

The man smiled and said, “We don’t need your legs, we need your voice” You have exactly what we need.

Life Lesson: Don’t feel discouraged when circumstances beyond your control tend to happen to you. You just never can tell if the quality you possess is just what other people are looking out for.
You’re right on time and your light is about to shine

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