Tolerance is a virtue!

A nagging wife gets her husband really upset and fed up with his life in general. In most cases, it could destabilize the whole being of a man.

Well, there are few men who possesses the virtue of ‘long-suffering’ which in other words can be described as ‘patience’ and one of such men is Chief Amadi.

His chieftaincy title was given to him two years after he got married to his wife, Lolo Ngozi. His marriage at this time had gotten to its seventh year which makes him one of the youngest chiefs in his clan.

Lolo Ngozi, his wife was well-known for her ‘running mouth’. One could barely count the number of words she spoke per minute. She was so good at ridiculing people. This was the type of woman Chief had to put up with.

Chief Amadi’s kinsmen scheduled a meeting on a particular wet Sunday afternoon to deliberate on the matter arising as it was getting out of hand and she was becoming more disrespectful. He was advised to divorce her and get married to another wife and save himself from unnecessary disgrace. He thanked them for their concern, but he told them squarely that he wasn’t going to get another woman. He would try to put her in check.

After the meeting, he returned home. He told her that his kinsmen laid a complaint against her and he advised her to turn a new leaf. She got really upset when he told this to her. She warned him against telling her such things again.

That same week, she made sure she paid a visit to each and every one of the kinsmen and elders home she knew and created a scene , doing the usual of hauling insults on them.

The men were astonished at her outburst, it became clear to them that she couldn’t be easily handled. Some of them concluded that Chief Amadi was charmed by his wife and that’s why he has refused to divorce her. Others called him a weakling.

Eventually and as expected, she was reported to the king of the land. He sent for both Chief and Lolo to the palace.

When they got to the palace, the king who was with the elders in council started,“Chief Amadi, I’ve been receiving unpleasant reports about your wife from a lot of people in our land. Her attitude have brought shame to your name and title, but yet you’ve done nothing about it. Her attitude have posed a big threat to your title as a Chief of this land. What do you’ve to say about this?”

“My king,” he began,“ I appreciate your concern. I just have this to say. My wife’s attitude must have provoked all of you present here and I sincerely apologize on her behalf, but I receive a worse treatment than all of you and that’s because I stay under the same roof with her. I can’t count the number of times she insulted me, but I try as much as possible to tolerate her. Before I got married to her, I knew about this flaw in her attitude, but I still went ahead to marry her because I love her very much. I’ve seen this her attitude as my cross and I’ve decided to bear it in love. I’ve got my flaws too and she lives with me like that without complaining about it. Those of you who wants me to divorce her, I’m sorry I cannot divorce my wife because we’re one in God’s eyes.”

Lolo was greatly moved to tears by what her husband said. She moved towards him and embraced him warmly. She apologized to everyone present and promised to turn a new leaf.

Life Lesson: Before saying ‘I do’ to that man or woman, have you thought about the consequences of getting married to them? Have you decided to see his/her flaws as your cross that you’re willing to bear in love? Have you mastered the best way to handle your partners temperament without both of you getting into a big fight? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before getting married to that person. You should know how to tolerate their flaws and live with it. Remember no one is perfect!

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