Trust should be the foundation of every relationship


Fred who had a housewife, (Kate) returned home from his trip to visit his parents. He was visibly angry. Kate noticed his countenance and became worried,she asked,“What happened? How’s mum and dad?”

“I don’t want to hear anything about those old people from now on!,”he thundered. “But why?”she asked. “I have warned you. It’s advisable you heed to my warning!”he replied and walked away from her leaving her in uttermost confusion.

At the middle of the night, Kate woke her husband up and pleaded with him to tell her what transpired between him and his parents. He refused to tell her anything and warned her not to wake him up that late again. She retired for bed knowing that it was a hopeless case.

It was already well over three months by now when Kate received a phone call that got her worried. The caller wanted some money from her to solve an issue.

There was no way she could ask her husband for money because he had already given her money for her upkeep a week ago. The matter needed some urgency so the only way out as she thought was to steal some money from Fred.

While Fred had his bath the next morning as he prepared for work, she quietly opened his suitcase and took away some money which she quickly hid in her handbag. When Fred got to his place of work, he realised that an amount of money was missing.

He became suspicious of his wife because they were the only ones who live in that house. He returned home and acted like nothing was amiss.

Two days after,while he was at the bathroom,a call came in for Kate and she answered the call saying,“Okay,I’ll meet you at our usual place.”

Fred who eavesdropped from the bathroom took note of what she said and decided to trail her to wherever she was going to. Kate who had no idea that he listened to her conversation, quickly opened his suitcase and took out another amount of money.

As soon as Fred dressed up he left for his car pretending to leave for work. In his car,he opened his suitcase and some money was missing to his dismay.

He closed the suitcase and drove out of the compound to a place not too far away from the house, he waited patiently for Kate to come out of the house and when she did, he trailed her with his car to where she went to. She stopped at an eatery where a man walked up to her and they embraced each other lightly.

Fred watched them from a good distance boiling in rage. They spoke for a little while before she handed the money over to the man and walked away. Fred drove off after they departed.

The next day, Fred summoned his in-laws and their relatives for an urgent meeting without informing his wife. When they arrived his house,he called out to her to meet them,she was surprised to see them in the house.

Fred began his explanation, “I called you all here to inform you that your daughter is a thief and an adulterer. And I can’t continue to live under the same roof with such a woman. I want her bride price returned because I can’t continue with this marriage.” “What?!” his in-laws chorused.

“Yes, I can’t stand the sight of her any longer. Do you know that I had a serious quarrel with my parents especially my mum because they asked me to drive her away and get married to another woman because she’s barren?”

“I have never cheated on you, Fred! You’ve got to believe me! Please, believe me,”Kate pleaded her case. “I don’t want to hear a single word from you. I saw you give the money you stole from me to your lover with my very own eyes,”he said.

“No, he’s not my lover. I did that for your own good. He called to inform me that your mum was critically ill and was on the verge of dying and since you refused to talk to or hear from your parents for months now, the only thing I could do was to take some money from you to save her life,that’s all.

You can call to verify my claim. You’ve got to trust me Fred,” she said as she cried profusely. “Are you for real?” he asked in awe. She nodded. “Then who was that man you gave the money to?” her father asked. “That man was only Matthew, Fred’s cousin.”

Life Lesson_: Trust keeps the bond between a couple stronger each day. It’s advisable couples build a high level of trust between each other. They should be able to know what their partner is capable of and be ready to defend their honour at any given time.

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