Two wrongs have never made a right


Dr Etim have been married to Eve for over eight years now. He tried as much as possible to provide for her needs as well as that of his children.
Eve was a housewife who enjoyed every bit of affection her husband showered on her.

Out to the market she went when she overheard two women gossip about her
husband. They spoke about a lady named Annie, a well-known single mum in the vicinity with whom the doctor was having an extra-marital affair with.
When she heard this, she became bitter and left the market in anger. “How dare Etim do this to me!” she thought.

From then on, she decided to watch every step her husband made. She listened to every detailed call he made too. Her husband’s phone was locked with a password she didn’t know or cared about, but now she made sure she sat close to him to have a peek at him whenever he wanted to open his phone, until she knew its password. She just wanted to verify this rumor and kill her curiosity.

Once he’s out of sight, she would grab his phone, type in his password and go through every conversation he ever had on all social media platforms especially his conversations on WhatsApp.

During her research, she confirmed his relationship with Annie through numerous chats that have had in the past till that very day.

“This man is such a disgusting cheat. I feel like strangling him this minute,” she said in fury. She tried as much as possible to keep her cool and acted like all was fine.

For two consecutive months, she remained quiet about her discovery and continued being the lovely wife she was. Across the road was a flat, a young and handsome bachelor moved in. He introduced himself to the Etims as Alex and he was treated warmly.

Being at home all day doing nothing, Eve would constantly have a peek through her window to watch her new neighbour. She gradually started nurturing some nasty thoughts in her mind. She began to crave for this young man as time went on.

“If Etim can conveniently have a relationship with Annie. What stops her from having a little fun with Alex?, This will be the perfect way to revenge,” she thought smiling mischievously.

One day, she decided to carry out a plan she’s been nurturing for a while. As soon as Etim left for work, she walked across the road, knocked on the door.

When he answered the door, she began, “Good morning, I was about driving out to the gym, but my car won’t start, could you please help me out?”. He agreed to help out and followed her.
When he got to her house, he discovered that her car was in perfect shape. She seduced him and he fell for her beauty. From then on, they became lovers.

They continued with the affair for a long time without anyone discovering, while she starved her husband of his marital rights from her as his wife.

One day while her last son was coming back from school, a car accidentally hit him and the driver sped off. Passers-by who could identify the boy rushed him to his dad’s hospital.

At the hospital, it was discovered that the boy needed blood transfusion urgently because he lost a lot of blood. His father, the doctor blood type couldn’t match that of his son,but his mother’s blood could as a universal donor. She willingly offered her blood for the transfusion.

After, conducting the blood test, the lab scientist brought the results to the doctor at his office, he said,“ Sir, your wife’s blood can’t be used because there’s a problem. ”
“What’s the problem?” he wondered.
“The test shows that she’s HIV positive.” he replied.
“What? How’s that possible? ” he asked. The lab scientist just shrugged.

The doctor’s brain was running riots. He couldn’t comprehend the info he received. He walked out of his office to meet his wife. He stared at her intently for few minutes without saying a word.
“What’s the problem, Etim? Why are you staring at me in such manner? ” she wondered.
He didn’t say a word to her. He only passed the test results over to her. She stared at the results, but she was unable to decipher what it stated.
“I don’t understand this, what’s the meaning of this? I need an explanation, ” she said.
“That results shows that your blood cannot be transfused to our son,” he explained.
“But why? My blood type is ‘O positive’. I can donate to anyone! ” she yelled.
“Not this time around. You are… you are HIV positive, ” he announced.
The news got to her like a gun shot. She suddenly felt dizzy and passed out.

Life Lesson: If your partner gets involved in something sinister, it’s not wise to do the same just because you feel that you want to take a revenge on him/her. Instead of revenging, pray for your partner to get back on track. Also, have a dialogue with your partner to find out why they resolved to doing such acts. Dialogue might be able to settle the issue instead of revenge. Taking revenge at times might be dangerous and it can get you into a problem that may never be resolved forever.**
Remember, two wrongs don’t make a right!

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