When Marriage Privacy Is Invaded By Lack Of Cooperation, Separation Becomes Inevitable

After all said and done, Jude and Jane finally becomes Mr and Mrs Babalola.

These newly weds before they got married agreed to live at the Babalolas household, until they have enough money to rent an apartment for themselves.

Jane in particular was excited about her new relationship status. She didn’t mind staying with her in-laws as long as she’s close to her husband. She started working as a clerical staff in a newly opened company not too far from the family house to help support her husband.

As months gradually went by, she noticed that her in-laws started being hostile to her. Her mother in-law was worse off. She complained about virtually everything she did in the house.

If she prepares soup, she would complain about inadequate salt and would talk about it for days. If she washes her clothes, her sister in-law would complain about her occupying all the space on the wire where they hanged clothes on.

If she should come back a little bit late from work, her mother in-law would accuse her of dating other men outside aside from her son.

Whenever there’s a little misunderstanding between her and her husband, her mother in-law would eavesdrop on their conversation in the bedroom and accuse her of being a nagging wife who could easily kill her only son.

It got to a point where she had to stop taking meat after meals because her mother in-law would complain about more than a piece of meat missing from the pot.

All these actions began to irritate her. She wanted to leave the house badly and start up a new life with her husband in another house. A place she could call her home and live in peace.

She called her husband to tell him that they need to have a serious talk. He sat down to listen to her.

She began,“Jude, it’s been months now. In fact, it almost a year now after we had our wedding and before we got married, we agreed to live with your parents till we’ve enough money to rent a house to live at. I have some money with me, let me add it to the one you have so that we can rent an apartment no matter how small.”

“Are you tired of staying here already? This family house is big enough to contain us all even if we want to have kids they can stay here too,” he asked.

“No, we have got to have our own place. We need our privacy, please,”she replied frowning.

“Okay, let’s wait till next month. Then we’ll make arrangements on how to leave, ”he said.

The end of next month came and Jude didn’t talk about moving out of the house.
Jane said to him,“You said that we’ll be leaving here by this time, but you haven’t said anything about it yet. What’s the problem? ”

“Eh..yeah. I’ve given it a thought. Why don’t we stay till the end of the year? Then, we’ll move out early next year,”he replied.

“Oh,Jude next year is too far. It’s damn too far. Let’s leave here soon,”she said in frustration.

“We will leave here,I promise. Be patient,” with that he dismissed the discussion.

It was painful to wait and watch the months pass by as the hostile attitude of her in-laws towards her intensified.

The following year finally came and Jane was eager to leave. It was over a month into the new year. She spoke to her husband about leaving the house and he said,“Please, stop pestering me to leave my family. Don’t we see that we’re all happy to live here? Being close to my parents especially mum is very satisfying and…”

“Jude, this is not getting funny any longer. Why would we have a plan together at first and you decide to back out all of a sudden. I’ve been telling you that I can’t stay here any longer, but all you did was to procrastinate the time. You’ve been deceiving me all these while, right?

Listen, I can’t stay here any longer. Your family have started getting me frustrated and uncomfortable. If we don’t move out by the end of this month, then forget it! I will leave you and your family for good!” she yelled at him.

“If you’re tired, then that’s your headache not mine,”he replied.

Jane went to her wardrobe, packed all her belongings and left the house in anger.

Life Lesson: Marriage is the union between two people to become one in flesh and in their souls. This union is between these two alone! No other third party should be involved. Any other person involved in their marriage is just intruding in their privacy.
Couples deserve to feel comfortable in their marriages and privacy is the key to their comfort. Another point to note is the cooperation between the couple. Once an agreement is made between the couple, it’s advisable for both parties to comply amicably to avoid future chaos

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